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Ruff Diamond American Bulldogs Proudly Announces our 2009 Breeding Program


Here at Ruff Diamond we breed for ourselves and to better our dogs.  If we can produce a better dog than what you see on our site then we have done our job and we are extremely happy about that.  We want the dogs we produce to be better than the parents in all aspects whether it be working ability, conformation or just a great pet for you and your family.  We want the dogs we produce to win your hearts as well as in the ring and working events. If we produce a dog that is all around better and even wins against us at shows then we are happy and have done what we have set out to do. 

If you are looking for a dog just to breed please do us a favor and don't breed just to it for the love of the breed and to better the American Bulldog, study pedigrees, study the dog and make a decision as to why you would breed the two together don't breed them just because they are pretty.


To Be Announced





Please email with any questions you may have and if you are looking for a pup now we may have someone we could refer you to and if you would like to wait for one of our pups then give us a call and we can set you up for the next available litter.  When Emailing us please provide us with your contact phone number so we can talk to you  in person.

Thanks Mike

Phone:  706-669-9189



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