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Ruff Diamond's Gem Stone   "Stoney"


Stoney is a breeding from Ruff Diamond's Abby X Ruff Diamond's Willie.  This is the total Ruff Diamond Breeding.  She is high drive with just the right stubborn attitude.  She is always on the go wanting to play and get into trouble.  She is the best of Ruff Diamond wrapped up in one package.  Stoney has her grandmother Sadies body with lots of muscle and her attitude.  She is a very loving female with a lot to offer.

Weight:  78 lbs   Height: 23.5" at the withers





Stoney's Pedigree

Ruff Diamond's Outlaw Willie, NKCGTT1 & NKCGTT2

CH. Bamas Best Khubla Khan

MGK Gator Red

      Sir Symme's     Ripping Woody

Dam  Symme's Slashin Sheena

MGK She's a Doozy

Sir  Farnetti's Dozer Bruno
Dam  Ruby Farnetti

Ruff Diamond's Saddleback Sadie

CH. SS Georgia Cracker

Sir   GR.CH Major Bully
Dam  JDJ Collette 25

Ruff Diamond's Queen Daisy of Blackwell

Sir WAB Jackson's Ace
Dam  Blackwells Homecoming Queen

Ruff Diamond's Queen Abilene

Pawnee's Rock

Pawnee's Zues of High Impact

Sir  MGK Buckeye Slammer
Dam  Johnson's Little Bit Page

High Impacts Sadie Mae

Sir  MGK Half Acre
Dam  MGK Pebbles

Ruff Diamond's Queen Daisy of Blackwell

WAB Jackson's Ace

Sir  Jackson's Buck
Dam  Sugar Doll 53

Blackwell's Homecoming Queen

Sir Blackwell's Abdominal Snowman
Dam  Blackwell's Prue



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